Muslim Brotherhood Launches IkhwanTube In Response To YouTube’s Removal Of Israeli Assaults

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Muslim Brotherhood launched IkhwanTube in response to YouTube”s removal of videos, under Israeli pressure, revealing Israeli massacres in Gaza as well as those revealing torture after being pressured by the oppressive regimes whose practices were exposed by these videos, the site”s supervisor, Hany Hassan, told Ikhwanweb Thursday.

Hassan added that another reason for the launch of IkhwanTube was to provide safe browsing for the Egyptian, Arab, and Muslim families away from that which contradicts Arab and Islamic culture and morals.

Ikhwantube consists of video links concerned with several topics including Palestine, news and politics, human rights, documentaries, the Parliament, MB society, education, sports, and blogs.

It is worth mentioning that following the launch of IkhwanTube, the number of viewers, especially of those videos that had been removed by Youtube, reached 14,000 in less than three hours. Including mine!

Source: ~IkhwanWeb – Egypt

3 Responses to “Muslim Brotherhood Launches IkhwanTube In Response To YouTube’s Removal Of Israeli Assaults”
  1. nurinislam says:

    salam ziarah ya akhi..

  2. batik biru says:

    saudara tentu familiar dgn ayat Al-Quran kan? apa yg saya cakap tu ada dalam surah 5:68. itulah yang paling saya takuti.

  3. ibnutoha says:

    mmg saya familiar dengan apa yang saudara katakan..
    tapi saya masih kurang jelas dengan cara dan jalan yang digunakan..
    mohon penerangan.

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